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Paid plugins

Google Translate


Google Translate integration for Kirby 3.

Image Editor Field


Full-featured photo image editor using canvas for Kirby 3. It is really easy, and it comes with great filters.

Instagram Feed


Instagram feed on your website for Kirby 3.

TinyMCE Editor


Integrates the powerful TinyMCE 5 wysiwyg editor into Kirby 3.

Mercado Pago for Merx


Mercado Pago payment gateway for Kirby 3 Merx plugin.

Mollie for Merx


Mollie payment gateway for Kirby 3 Merx plugin.

Accordion Field


Free plugins

Template Stacks


Template stacks allows you to push to named stacks which can be rendered somewhere else in another snippet or template.

WhatsApp Button


This is a very simple floating WhatsApp button plugin for Kirby 3.

Detect AdBlock


This plugin helps you detect ad blockers and manage the warning messages that will be displayed for Kirby 3.

Move Pages


Missing move pages feature for Kirby 3. You can move the pages under the parent pages you specify with this plugin.



Turns your project into a PWA (progressive web app) for Kirby 3.

Clear Cache


Clear temporary files and folders such as cache, media, .lock and .logins



Plates native PHP template system for Kirby 3