This plugin is Mollie payment gateway for Kirby Merx plugin.


  1. Download the latest release
  2. Unzip downloaded file
  3. Copy/paste unzipped folder in your /site/plugins folder

Setup from Panel

Step 1: Get API key

Get API key from Mollie dashboard.

Step 2: Set API key from config

Set apiKey option from config.php like following usage:



return [
    'owebstudio.merx-mollie.apiKey' => 'YOUR_API_KEY'

Step 3: Enable payment methods

You need to enable at least one payment method from Mollie Dashboard.

Step 4: Add payment method

Enter the Kirby panel with Merx installed. Go to the payment methods section from the settings tab and add a new one. Make sure you type `mollie``` in the value field.

Step 5: Test

:tada: Done! Now you're ready for first order!

Manual checkout

Initialize payment

$redirect = $merx->initializePayment([
    'paymentMethod' => 'mollie',
    'method' => ['creditcard', 'paypal'],

Complete payment



Option Type Default Description
apiKey string null API key for Mollie (required)
webhooks boolean false Activates Mollie webhooks to process real-time status updates
method string | array [] Choose a specific payment method and your customer will skip the selection screen and is sent directly to the chosen payment method.
testmode boolean false Set to true to make payments a test payment.

All the values can be updated in the config.php file and prefixed with owebstudio.merx-mollie..

Possible method option values

Possible values: applepay, bancontact, banktransfer, belfius, creditcard, directdebit, eps, giftcard, giropay, ideal, kbc, mybank, paypal
, paysafecard, przelewy24, sofort

Do you need custom plugin?

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