Google Translate integration for Kirby 3.

This plugin provides Google Cloud Translation V2 API integration for Kirby 3 pages. It makes instant translation and updates the contents of the relevant language.



  1. Download the latest release
  2. Unzip downloaded file
  3. Copy/paste unzipped folder in your /site/plugins folder


  • Kirby 3.7+
  • PHP 8.0+
  • Google Cloud Translation API KEY


After you get the Google API KEY and set it from the config file, enable the translation from the blueprint file of the page you want to use as follows

# /site/blueprints/pages/post.yml
title: Post

  translate: true

Google Cloud Translation

Google Cloud Translation is free for up to 500,000 characters per month. For detailed pricing, you can check the official page:

Fields & Blocks

Only the following fields and blocks are supported. This is because some fields do not need translation. such as email, url or date, etc.

Also custom fields are not supported because their data structure is unknown. Therefore this plugin also allows you to define a class that reads and saves the custom data structure of custom fields.

Supports nested data/form structure, but has not been tested beyond 2 levels.


  • blocks
  • layout
  • list
  • structure
  • textarea
  • text
  • writer


  • heading
  • list
  • markdown
  • quote
  • text


Option Type Default Description
apiKey string null Google Cloud Translate Api Key (required)
fieldTypes array [] Determines the field types you want to be translated.
blockTypes array [] Determines the blocks types you want to be translated.
overwrite boolean false If this option is disabled, it will not translate fields with content.
translateTitle boolean true When enabled, the title is translated along with the page.
translateSlug boolean true When enabled, the slug is translated along with the page.

All options optional and the values can be updated in the config.php file and prefixed with

Sample options


// /site/config/config.php
return [
    '' => [
        'apiKey' => 'MY_GOOGLE_API_KEY',
        'blockTypes' => ['my-custom-block-type'],
        'translateTitle' => true,
        'translateSlug' => true

Defining custom field types

  • Field should extends \Oweb\GoogleTranslate\Fields\Field
  • Field have to value and save methods

class CustomField extends \Oweb\GoogleTranslate\Fields\Field
    public string $format = 'html'; // text or html

    public function value(): string|array
        $value = $this->field()->value();
        $result = $this->translate($value);

        return $this->save($result);

    public function save($value)
        return $value;

// /site/config/config.php
return [
    '' => [
        'apiKey' => 'MY_GOOGLE_API_KEY',
        'fieldTypes' => [
            'custom' => CustomField::class

Field definition can only be done with classes. Field definition with Closure is not possible at the moment, but it can be considered in the future.

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